The last one day long distance flight was planned on saturday the 4th of august 2018 from┬áChateaudun. The pigeons where released at 07:15 hr. Around 16:15 hr. the people came in that wanted to see the flight. We all sat down for, what turned out to be a perfect closure of this year. Around 16:41 hr. from the correct angle, a pigeon came falling down. It turned out to be ‘THE PROSPECT’. He won the 1st price NPO againt 1126 pigeons. Jan has a lot of faith in this racing cock and wanted to put him in 2nd or 3rd position but with the weather prediction it seemed to be a tough race. This yearling cock has the same breeding lines as ‘JAVINKY’. 17 minutes later ‘JAVINKY’ came falling down from the correct angle and wins the 12th position against 1126 pigeons. 8 of the 10 pigeons managed to get a price, this is a great result and a perfect ending.